AIM Project Management System

AIM Project Management System is a Web based project management systems designed to manage and store project information that are used in web-based applications by different groups of people such as, department, programmer or project managers with controlled access to information and automated distribution of information.

Functional requirements :-

  1. MySQL database

  2. Codeigniter

  3. PHP

  4. Version control system (Subversion)

  5. SSH (Secure Shell) authorized key

  6. Hypertext Markup Language 5.0

  7. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 3.0 Compliant

  8. User application (Netbeans)

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Project Management System Features:

Collaborate on Projects with Clients and Staff

Multi User Log-ins

Project Categorization

File Sharing, (Centralized File Repository)

Project based discussion forum

Friendly Project Names

Project Ownership

Del agate Project Tasks to Users

Project Target Dates, Hours, Days & Budgets



Client/Company Management

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