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We Are Here To Serve You

Apart from web solutions we also deal in print solutions. We design brochures, prospectus, fliers, banners, business cards etc. of any size. Designing is in the blood of the company. We can design anything, anywhere and at any given point of time.
We can design based on ideas you may have or if you want us to provide you with examples of our ideas based on your requirements we can do that too.


Why Are We The Best?

We at AIM look to provide an affordable and flexible service via our retainer package which looks to reduce the cost of training between 20% and 25% comparative to the general rates offered by most training vendors.
Our service is our reputation and our reputation is dear to our business and what we look to achieve.
We do not compromise on the level of service we offer.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is a very broad term used for services like Brochure Designing, Logo Designing, Advertisement Designing, Corporate Identity, Branding and Package Designing. SmartFish Designs specializes in these services and gives your company / brand a unique design or identity that is required in the industry.


Website Design & Website Development

Creativity, Innovation and Professionalism are the essence of every website that SmartFish Designs has developed. Every facet of our designs are alluring and aesthetically chiseled.we offer expert search engine optimization, superior designs and programming to ensure your website has a positive impact for your brand.


Branding & Advertising

A brand is a ‘Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services as distinct from those of other sellers.Majority of global brands were created for rich western countries while the vast majority of the world’s people live in poorer developing nations like India.

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